Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camwhore Award~

Yeahhh...I've managed to get the award, Camwhore Award during the recently concluded My-NPL 3rd Leg in Kuantan, Pahang. This award is given by the event photographer, Dez ( for those who were able to give him some pose during the game.
So, here you go...

hehehe... :)

This is Mr. Dez~

TQ Mr. Dez! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are the Champion...!

Congrats, thank you, congrats, thank you to team JS!
Yes, we were able to maintain our good performances for the My-NPL 3rd Leg in Kuantan and managed to come out as a Champion! (again!) :)

Well, I'm proud with this achievement. This is the result of 200% of hardwork + 200% of commitment from each and everyone that involves with our team throughout the tournament.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hibernation period...

Hola peeps...
1 week without any post is not something given that it's a busy-dizzy week. :(
Just came back from TM Smart Orange training in Dynasty Hotel and started work yesterday. Tadaa, there you go. Mountains of workload!
Well well well, never mind. Prioritize! Complete the most wanted task first, from the momentum gained, all other task will be completed on time too~ Yes, I've settled down now and ready for Kuantan! Hooooyeaaahhhh peeps...
So, let's pray for my team's (JS Paintball) success in Kuantan which starts on Saturday (20th June). I will be on leave starting tomorrow till next Monday (22nd June) and will be back in office on Tuesday (23rd June).
Keep on rockin' baby.... :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's time to move on~

Early morning on the last day of the weekdays. So many things happened in the past week and so it will for the coming week.
Cristiano Ronaldo, FIFA Best Player in the World 2008, will be leaving Manchester United soon. And to be precise, by the end of this month. For the hardcore fan of ManUtd, it is not the saddest thing. Why? 1 reason, "no player is bigger than the club". All we can say is thanks for everything he has done to ManUtd and a very good luck for his stay in Real Madrid. But, it's quite sad thinking that he will not be in Malaysia for ManUtd Asia Tour 2009 this coming July! Sad sad...Well, there's still Rooney, Ferdinand, Van der Sar to make you happy! :)

It's about 7 days before I'm going to Kuantan for the 3rd leg of My-NPL. The preparation is good. What we all need is enough rest as it will be a long journey. But before that, next Monday I'm going for another SmartOrange course in Dynasty Hotel, KL. Hurrmm,2nd SmartOrange for this year though! What to say. It is a compulsary course.

Alright, enough for this morning. To be continued by this evening. :D
\/ Peace \/

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll be back~

Good morning...
Yes, at last I've managed to watch Terminator Salvation since its screening last week. Overall, I'll give 4.5 out of 5 stars. Why? Storyline is good. Action is good too. :) hehe...
Next movie will be Hannah Montana~ Hehe...
Wait for next entry ya~
Later... :-)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sleepy head...

Waaa, ngantuk gileeee~ huhu... Nie la akibat tido lewat sebab pegi buat konsert semlm~ hehe... :P
Tapi, apa² pun, konsert semlm mmg best. Lame dah tak test suara bersama rakan².

Mlm nie plak nak pegi tgk Terminator Salvation. Yeerrr, dah seminggu keluar, tapi aku baru nak tgk~ :P Tak kisah, janji dpt tgk. hehe...

Byk btul aktiviti nk buat nie. Wayang plak macam² crite dah keluar. Tak per, kite hadap jer semua tue sampai lebam orite...

*Saje je tulis nie... Kebosanan kat ofis... Hehehe*

Peace Bebeh~

Training for Kuantan~

Nie pics JS training paintball utk My-NPL 3rd Leg Kuantan nanti. Byk pics aku jer. Pics teammate semua nanti akan diupload dlm fotopages aku yerh~ :)

-Kepenatan after training for 5 hours-


-2vs5 Defend:Attack-

Monday, June 08, 2009

Training sampai lebam...

Hello smua...Haa, saje jer buat entry hari nie. Sebenarnye, dah malas nak blogging nie. Tapi memandangkan hari ini amat tenang, maka terciptalah entry ini. :)
Semlm team JS Paintball training kt Astaka,Mapaac PJ. Plan asal nk start kul 10am. End up start kul 12 tghari. Haha... Biasa la tue, JS style. :P
Training kitorg di lead oleh bro Shameen (McJester) from team Wolverinez. Perghh, dia punya training, dah macam training komando~ haha... Training technique jer dah makan mase 3 jam. Dalam kul 3.30pm baru kitorg dapat training sparing. Time tue, masing² tenaga dah tinggal 20% jer. Hahaha...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

At last...!

Fuuuhhh...Punye laa susah nak dapatkan tiket Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 nie. Sebelum tue, just for your info. MU Asia Tour 2009 tiket start pre-sales on 22nd May sampai 31st May. Siapa² yg beli tiket during pre-sales period akan dapat training pass for free! Means, setiap satu tiket akan dapat satu training pass. Nie info on the ticket price.

Source: TicketPro

So, on 22nd May itself, tghari sebelum Solat Jumaat, aku rush ke Nike Store Mid Valley utk dapatkan tiket tue. Mase sampai kat Nike tue, ada 2 org tgh beratur. Aku pun join jer. Bile time aku nak beli, cashier tue ckp, tiket RM 98 dah abis dan yg tinggal only RM 308, RM 68 dan RM 58. Huurrrmm, takut tiket habis, aku beli tiket RM 58 dulu siap². Igtkan tak dpt training pass, rupenye dpt. Nasib baik~ :) Tp, seating utk tiket RM 58 tak berape best. Cube tgk seating dia kat photo bawah nie.