Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Nice software. Simple but very good in updating blog using iPhone. ;-)
Well, this post is a very short post just to test the software.

See ya in the next post...

What a joke...

Yesterday at my office, there's a group of men staff (not from my unit) were smoking at the staircase.
While I'm on my way to the toilet, I past by them.
What interest me the most was their topic of discussion, which obviously would be the FIFA World Cup 2010 currently host by South Africa. Well, most of them are in their 20's and one of them wore a Germany jacket.
The joke was, the man in the Germany jacket informed to his friends, "Tonight's game is a must watch, between South Korea and France, because both of them need a win to qualify." Ha? You must be kidding man. We are half way through to the event and yet you did not know which team in which group???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone Software Update...finally!

YES! It's here... Finally! :)
It's the iPhone new OS (version 4), called iOS 4 is finally made available to all iPhone users.

 - The much awaited OS for iPhone 3G/3Gs users. -

Well, I'm quite excited to have this new OS in my 3Gs. I've been using the 3Gs since 1st May 2010 and already amazed with this intelligent phone. With the new OS, more than 100 updates & features will be installed.

I might be considered outdated (or late) as by the time I've complete this post, a lot of iPhone (3G, 3Gs) users has already upgraded to the iOS 4.
I'll save the review on the new updates once I got my 3Gs updated by tonight (hopefully! :p).

Bye-bye (for now...).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Handphone Evolutions - Part 2 of 2

Hey hey hey... I'm back for the last part of my handphone history. ;-)

Well, this part could be one of my favorite topic as it will involved such a "dream" phone for me during my undergrad year. :)

Year 2007 was my graduation year as well as my first job in the real world. By having a fix monthly salary, I've set a target to get my 1st "dream" phone, which was the Nokia N-series (N95 to be specific). It couldn't come to soon as I managed to buy the Nokia N95 as well as receiving an extra 2GB microSD card! ;-)

- Nokia N95 (normal version) -

Since 2007, I've started to use 2 different numbers thus the Sony Ericsson w850i (read Part 1 for further details) still remain...

Handphone Evolutions - Part 1 of 2

Good Morning all.
I've waited to blog on this topic for quite so long and guest that I could achieve it today! *wink wink*
Some history when I first started to have my OWN handphone/mobilephone. It's way back during my high school at the age of 17, when I bought a used handphone from my senior friend. (If I could remember, the price was RM100.)

It is not a must-have item during those days but I was so eager to get a handphone because of the prize that I won from a Coke contest. I've won a DiGi prepaid starter pack worth RM 155! (Yes, those days, prepaid are soooo expensive and the cheapest reload value was around RM 50 I guess~ ^-^')

The 1st handphone of my life, was in 2002. (haha) It was a yellow Alcatel OneTouch (OT 300)!
- This is exactly the same with mine... ;) -

1 year after using the Alcatel, in 2003, I've managed to bought (using my own money! haha) a new handphone. It was Sagem MC 920. :)

- This is the color for my Sagem MC 920. -

As you might noticed, I've opted not to bought a Nokia phone (which was famous for its Nokia 3210 & 3310 at that time). This was mainly due to my preference not to have a same handphone with most of the people out there. In other words, to be uniqued! Haha. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hey peeps, I'm back! Almost after a year. Haha.
Err, and what about the title? Change?
Yes, I've change my template. Nothing much. ;-)

Keep tight as I'm looking forward to post some interesting topic over a few days!

*ios4? Let's wait for the review...hehe

For now, Bye~